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Paysafe Embedded Wallet empowers merchants operating in the Gaming, Digital Assets, and eCommerce sectors. Utilizing Paysafe's bank licensing, technology, risk management, and operational resources, it enables businesses to launch their own branded wallet for seamless money transactions.

Benefits for Merchants

  1. Open new revenue streams by owning payment flows.
  2. Access a broad range of payment options without large-scale investment.
  3. Reduce operating costs with an all-in-one solution for collection and payouts.
  4. Drive end-user loyalty through integrated payment options and frictionless value-added services.
  5. Effortlessly manage merchant account through Paysafe's comprehensive business portal.

Benefits for Merchant Customers

  1. Easy fund management and control.
  2. 24/7 access to funds, with instant payouts and withdrawals.
  3. A wide choice of preferred payment methods.
  4. Convenient access to payment services without switching apps or services.


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