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Service Level Agreement


This Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines the performance metrics and quality of service of the Embedded Wallets API. Our commitment is to provide a reliable, high-performance service that supports your development needs.

Performance Metrics

  • Service Availability: We aim for a monthly uptime percentage of at least 99.9%.

  • Response Time: Our APIs have an average response time of less than 3000 milliseconds under normal usage conditions.

Usage and limits

To ensure safe and fair resource sharing, we define the following usage limits:

  • Most services support 60 requests, and 600 read operations per minute for a single business.
  • Operational limits are subject to variation based on service agreements. Merchants can increase their request limit by contacting Paysafe Support.


To ensure optimal service delivery, we plan to establish bi-annual maintenance window for the Embedded Wallet solution. These windows will provide the necessary flexibility for implementing significant updates. Our documentation will provide comprehensive details about these maintenance windows, including advance notice of scheduling and the specific purposes of each window.